Here, go and play a MMO  snake game.Dosen’t it sound AWZOME! well it is.



Gigantic Pacman head in paper maché – step 1

Simon’s Cool Christmas Creeper Cracker

I felt like making something X-masy so I took out one of my X-mas Minecraft magazines and saw this tutorial for making a X-mas cracker. So this is what came out of it:

2016-01-03_12.29.16 2016-01-03_12.37.47

Like any good X-mas cracker – this one came with a bang:



DIY Days at Lindholmen

DIY Days was great! If you are quick you can come there today.

When we came in it felt like a really cool film studio – because it is that! There was a cafe where we could decorate our own DIY cupcakes. Yum!


We met some guys from the Chalmers Robot Club who knew a lot about electronics. We had taken with us our RFID bear we made for Lukas my little brother. They helped us try and find what was wrong with it – and what was right. We didn’t get it fixed, but they did help a lot.

We saw a game from Automat – it was a really cool game where you ran around with a big pole and tried to know a ball into the other’s goal. We were four people playing together (you can also be two) and it was on a home-made arcade game machine. Lukas and daddy played too – it was great fun!

They had a 3D printer there (from Frilagret). I haven’t seen one before! The machine was melting plastic from a long roll of plastic. It melted it so it could build up an object in plastic strings from a 3D model on the computer. I asked if they could do a 1-up mushroom. First we printed out a small one that was a tes. We put supports on to hold up the hat, but then you couldn’t see the eyes. So then we printed a bigger one without support that was much better. We got to take the mushrooms home and we are going to paint them. The 3D printer was super cool. You could make chains with it! I want to buy one when I am big! I want to learn how to make 3D models on the computer and then paint them.


We spent the whole day at DIY Days and when we got home we tried to fix the bear a bit more and in the end we got it working. Hurray!

Pearling the NASA Space Apps Challenge logo

Next week is the NASA Space Apps Challenge and my Dad is helping organise the Swedish event. Today we decided to make the logo using pearls.

Working on the Space Apps Challenge logo

Working on the Space Apps Challenge logo

Space Apps Challenge

The finished Space Apps Challenge logo

Easter game photos

Review of Theme Hotel from Flonga

Here’s my first review – it’s for the game Theme Hotel which you can find at Flonga!

I love this game – watch the whole video to see if I could complete the game or not.

Here’s the link to play yourself:

Hope you like the review – let me know what you think or give me good game tips.


Hi! I thought I would start things off by telling you guys a little about the sorts of games I like and will be testing on my website.

I play games on the following game systems:

  • A computer
  • Nintendo DS
  • iPad
  • Wii
  • Daddys android phone

Here are some of my favourite games. Some of them I will be testing soon.

Jetpack Joyride on the iPad (is my most favourite)

Plants vs Zombies (though I don’t play it so much now)

Kirbys Adventure and Kirbys Epic Yarn i LOVE on Wii. They are the only 2 Kirby games I have.

I’ve also started playing Pikmin 2 quite a lot on the Wii. I can’t wait to get Pikmin 3 when the Wii U comes out!

Amazing Alex

Tap The Frog 2 on Ipad I’m playing a lot at the moment.

Wario Ware on Nintendo DS is fun in the car. is a great place for games. They have 150 free games that are great for kids! is also a cool place with loads of games

I’ll be back soon with my first game test!

See you later!